Hope In The Shadows is an inspiring series of speaking and teaching topics for a wide variety of events.

While, Hope In The Shadows is often presented as a series, any suggested topic may be custom-designed for a single event, used progressively in a series, or in any combination for a retreat.  The descriptions listed will help you decide what is best for your event.    

Decision-Based Faith; Power in Times of Pain and Suffering:

Preparation Session: Exercising our Spiritual Muscle
Because no life is exempt from pain, suffering and tragedy, we can learn ways to be better prepared and strong.

Determination Session: Decisions Determine Destiny
An illustration of the power of Decision-Based-Faith to bring hope, encouragement and, ultimately, victory over harsh circumstances.

Recognition Session: Because of Who We Are in Christ
We can distinguish between dark shadows that fuel fear and the powerful shadow of the Almighty.

Habitation Session: Developing Spiritual Character Through Perseverance:
We learn to utilize all we have learned in previous sessions to abide in the peace and power that are ours through Christ Jesus.

Exercising Spiritual Strength in Adversity:
This topic is wrapped around the power of prayer and our recognition of who we are in Christ.  It is often a chosen topic for support or care-giver groups that understand there is power in prayer and wish to be encouraged in that endeavor.

Community and Relationships; Keys to Victory:
This is an excellent topic for a Sunday Worship Service, a Small Group Leader’s meeting, or any event that seeks to explore the power of community and relationships.

Journaling in the Darkest Shadows:
The act of journaling in tragic circumstances may seen too tough a task, but this teaching will show how it can inspire hope in the journal writer, and become a tool to glorify God.


Excellence in Prayer Ministry:
These workshops are personalized for Pastors and Church Leaders to help them establish or develop a strong foundation for vibrant Prayer Ministry in their church.

Treasure for Tomorrow:
Originally titled, “Grandma’s Day Away to Play and Pray, this one-day retreat features a fun and inspiring time for anyone who desires to develop a strong faith legacy.  The time set apart will inspire all who attend to intentionally influence the young people in their lives; preparing them for a faith-filled future.  It may be presented in a church environment for a larger group or in a home setting with an intimate gathering of six to eight friends.


Regarding Lana’s speaking and teaching:

“I want to share with you what a blessing Lana Williams is as a person and as a speaker.  We were privileged to have her speak at our Ladies Tea and on Mother’s Day at our church service.  The love of Jesus shines so brightly through her…She is a mighty person of prayer and has a gentle spirit.  I highly recommend reading her books and bringing her in to share with any size group.  You will be touched by the love of Jesus when you do.”  Pastor Bill Goodwin

Regarding Prayer Ministry training:

“We are profoundly grateful for the care and compassion, integrity and excellence Lana has brought to (our) prayer ministry.  We are a better church, a more prayerful church, a church increasingly able to walk into the most difficult places with people and cover them with prayer.”  Pastor Mindy Bak

Regarding Treasure For Tomorrow:

“It was a wonderful time, you opened my eyes to many things…loved the laughter and quiet time!  Wow, wow is all I can say!

“How wonderful to share with other grandmother’s who are as concerned as I am about growing the Christian faith of grandchildren to meet the challenges of the next generation!  Thank you, Lana, for the vision and using your gifts to encourage the rest of us in our walk.”

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